15 Creative DIY Cat Scratching Post Ideas

If you’re a cat owner, you know cats love scratching. Unfortunately, they often use furniture and other household items to satisfy their scratching needs. That’s where these 15 creative DIY cat-scratching post ideas come in. These posts are designed to keep your feline friends happy and healthy and add a stylish touch to your home decor. From minimalist designs to multi-level structures, there’s a DIY scratching post for every cat and every home. Plus, by making your scratching post, you can save money and create a personalized solution that fits your space and style. So, say goodbye to scratched furniture and hello to happy cats with these 15 perfect DIY scratching post ideas. If you’ve ever been looking for creative DIY Cat Scratching Post Ideas, here are 15 Creative DIY Cat Scratching Post Ideas.

There are several benefits of DIY cat scratching post ideas, including:

  1. Provides a designated scratching area: You can redirect their scratching behavior away from your furniture and other household items by providing your cat with a designated scratching post.
  2. Keeps cats healthy: Scratching posts help keep cats healthy by promoting healthy scratching behavior, which assists in keeping their claws in good condition.
  3. Saves money: Purchasing a pre-made cat scratching post can be expensive, but making one yourself can save you money and allow you to create a custom design that fits your home decor.
  4. Customizability: With a DIY cat scratching post, you can choose the size, shape, and design that works best for your cat and your space.
  5. Eco-friendly: Many DIY cat scratching post ideas utilize recycled materials, making them eco-friendly for cat owners.
  6. Provides mental stimulation: Scratching posts can provide cats with mental stimulation and a place to play and relax.
  7. Bonding experience: Making a DIY cat scratching post can be a fun and rewarding bonding experience for you and your cat.

What common materials are used for DIY cat scratching posts?

Common DIY cat scratching posts materials include cardboard, sisal rope, carpet scraps, and wood.

How do I know what size scratching post to make for my cat?

The scratching post should be tall adequately for your cat to extend fully and sturdy enough to support your cat’s weight.

Can I use recycled materials for DIY cat scratching posts?

Many DIY cat scratching post ideas utilize recycled cardboard boxes and carpet scraps.

Do I need special tools to make a DIY cat scratching post?

The tools needed will depend on the specific DIY cat scratching post idea, but common tools include a hot glue gun, glue, scissors, and a staple gun.

Can I personalize the design of my DIY cat scratching post?

Yes, making a DIY cat scratching post allows you to choose the size, shape, and design that works best for your cat and your space.

Are DIY cat scratching posts easy to make?

DIY cat scratching posts can easily be made with basic tools and skills. However, some projects may require more advanced techniques and tools, so it’s important to read instructions carefully and follow safety precautions.

Can a DIY cat scratching post be as effective as a store-bought one?

Yes, a well-made DIY cat scratching post can be as effective as a store-bought one and may even be more appealing to your cat due to the customization and personal touch.

1. DIY Cat Scratching Post And Storage Bin

8. DIY Cat Scratching Post And Storage Bin

Perfect for cats of all ages! This DIY cat scratching post includes everything you need to create a fun and functional vertical scratcher for your cat. Scratchpads and everything else you need to assemble your scratching post easily are included. Great for indoor cats or the bored outdoor cat. The storage bin is a convenient place to keep extra supplies on hand.

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2. Easy DIY Carpet scratching post

cat sits next to scratching post

Looking for a fun way to make your cat happy? With this DIY Carpet Scratching Post, you can create the perfect toy for your kitty. It is a cat scratching pole that can be made from scratch. The best part of this project is that it can change its position depending on your kitty’s preferences. They will love scratching and playing with this DIY carpet toy.

3. Durable Cat Scratching Post

6. Durable Cat Scratching Post

If you love DIY, this project is for you! Upcycle your old cat scratching post by adding a rug and rope to create a unique and durable cat post. This is the perfect solution if your cat’s old scratching post got ragged or was not doing the job. This DIY scratching post made from an old rug and the new rope is durable and attractive, offering your cat a place to go with its natural urges.

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4. PVC pipe cat scratcher

Make your cat scratching post using PVC pipes and some creative cutting. This is a fairly involved project, but the result will be one of the most durable and sturdy scratching posts you can make for your feline friend. With these handy directions, you’ll be well on your way to having an excellent indoor activity for your cats that keeps them entertained for hours.

5. DIY Cat Scratching Post

13. DIY Cat Scratching Post

What’s more, you can even paint the post in your preferred color to give it a new look. This cardboard scratching post will keep your cat active and healthy! Creating a cat scratching post is a fun and simple DIY project that your children can help with. You only need a drill, small tools, cardboard, wood, and glue.

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6. DIY Rainbow Cat Scratching Post

Cats are known to have distinct personalities and like keeping things clean. A cat scratching post can help your furry friend keep its claws sharp, but why not make it even more attractive? Reflect your cat’s personality with this DIY Rainbow Cat Scratching Post that you can build in an afternoon for less than $15.

7. DIY Cat Scratching Post

5. DIY Cat Scratching Post

The package includes instructions and instructions for all the materials you need to make your DIY cat scratching post. This scratching post can use horizontally or vertically, and it’s strong enough to handle the beating of a curious, energetic cat. With this attractive scratching post at home or in your office, your furry friend will have all the fun of a tree outside without any threats to them—or your family’s safety.

8. DIY Cat Scratch Post

14. DIY Cat Scratch Post

Are you tired of cleaning cat hair but don’t want your feline friend to go without satisfying his innate need to scratch? Do you want something that will be creative and adorable? Then this is the perfect project for you! The DIY Cat Scratch Post is a cheap, easy way to give your pet a place to scratch while keeping your furniture safe and looking fabulous!

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9. DIY Cardboard Cat Scratcher

This DIY Cardboard Cat Scratcher is the perfect way to encourage your cat to scratch their post and wear down their nails without hurting their furniture. This guide will show you how to create a cat scratching post from cardboard easily. You only need corrugated cardboard, spray paint, and other materials. It’s a great way to recycle cardboard tubes and create a fun place for them to scratch and play.

10. DIY Cat Scratching Pad

22. DIY Cat Scratching Pad

Decorate your home and give your kitty a place to scratch with this adorable DIY Cat Scratching Pad. Make sure your cat has a place to scratch safely by creating the perfect DIY scratcher. Your kitty will love you for it! Using repurposed cardboard, duct tape, nails, and glue, you can make your scratching post that fits exactly in your favorite spot. All it takes is a few minutes!

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11. How To Make A Self-Scratcher For Cats

Making a self-scratcher for your cat is an easy project. This DIY pet furniture project can easily be turned into a scratching post, nap station, or toy holder with a few simple supplies. The best part? Your cat will love it. It is also better for your cat than an expensive store-bought post because it allows your kitty to get the exercise she needs on the days she can’t go outside.

12. Durable DIY Cat Scratching Post

The DIY Cat Scratching Post is a durable cardboard scratching post that your cat will love. This simple, DIY cat scratching post is easy to assemble and maintain, but most importantly, it will provide hours of fun and exercise for your favorite feline friend! It’s the most durable, DIY cat scratcher post you will ever see. No tools are required! Just carefully assemble it yourself and watch your kitty enjoy hours of feline fun!

13. How To Make Cat Scratching Post

Make your cat scratching post with this DIY tutorial! This is ideal for your cats and can be an easy way to decorate your home. This is a nice cactus-shaped cat scratching post made with; rope, fur fabric, tape, plywood, and a triangle. First, make your base by gluing a straight pipe on it and attaching the base made from wood. Garbage pipes can be used for the wall shelf instead of making shelves from wood.


14. A Teepee Scratching Post

The Creative DIY Cat Scratching Post is a great way to get your kitty the simple yet highly effective scratcher they need. This teepee can assemble in seconds and will serve as a home base for your feline friend and an excellent scratching post all in one. The easy-grab, textured surface on the teepee makes it fun and easy for cats to work off all their extra energy while providing plenty of exercise. Just buckle it together to get started!

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15. A Dual-Scratch Post

Have you ever wanted a handy craft project with your kids? Look no further. The Scratching Post DIY is an easy and fun way to engage your children in an educational and constructive activity. With this project, you can discover the wonders of crafting while having fun and making something useful in your house.

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