15 Unique Crochet Braids Patterns to Elevate Your Hairstyle

Crochet Braids Patterns

If you want to try a new hairstyle and are tired of wearing your hair down, look at these 15 Unique Crochet Braids Patterns to Elevate Your Hairstyle. These Crochet Braids Patterns are lovely. You can easily crochet them at home for a friendly and natural hairstyle. They are created by interlocking two small sections of hair with your fingers and then looping them over one another – creating a braided look. Crochet braids are a popular style worn long, short, or even in a ponytail. Whether you want to try this style for the first time or already know how to do crochet braids, these tutorials will help you create your crochet braid look.

This crochet braids pattern collection of 15 fascinating Crochet Braids Patterns is your answer to experimenting with new textures and creating a new look for your hair.

Why These Crochet Braids Patterns

Crochet braids are a beautiful protective style worn in various ways. They look great and allow you to keep your hair healthy while still looking stylish. Crochet braids are made using thin yarn and can be created with any inch, but they are prevalent among African American women. Crochet braids are a great way to protect your natural hair from the heat of curling irons and flat irons. The crochet braid is a protective style worn by women of all ages but is especially popular with teens. They are also great for adding an extra class to your look without spending money on getting your hair done in a salon.

  • Everyone loves crochet braids! These hairstyles combine two things right now—braids and crochet. But how do you get started?
  • If you’re a beginner, it can be hard to know where to start when it comes to crocheting your crochet braid pattern. Here’s what you need to know:
  • Crochet braids aren’t just a hairstyle and a great way to express yourself! Making your crochet braid pattern will best create a look that matches your personality.
  • You might think the process is complicated, but it doesn’t have to be! You can use any yarn or thread as long as it’s thick enough (about the thickness of a pencil). Use an appropriate hook size for whatever type of yarn or thread you choose (you want to avoid an overabundance of holes or gaps).
  • Once you’ve chosen your materials and decided what look you want for your hair, all left is for you to put them together!

15 Unique Crochet Braids Patterns to Elevate Your Hairstyle

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1. How To Crochet Braids For Beginners!

CROCHET BRAIDS is perfect for short hair because it’s an ideal way to show off all your natural texture. You can keep those long locks tucked away, but add some high-low braids for a unique look. This is one of my favorite hairstyles, and it’s so easy! It is a simple and quick tutorial on how to crochet braids. These can make in any color that you like. It’s a great way to use yarn scraps and make something beautiful for yourself or someone else. The result is so cute, and you’ll want to make many more on your next crochet adventure!

2. Crochet Braid Pattern For a Very Natural Looking

Get a perfect and natural-looking install using simple crochet braids! This video suits anyone who has never done crochet braids or wants a refresher. It’s also great for people who wish to use a different closure style than what is customarily used for African-American hair. This crochet braid pattern gives the illusion of your natural hair growing out of your head. It can make at any length and can wear with a wig.

3. New Crochet Versatile Braid Pattern

A versatile braid pattern is here! This crochet braids pattern is for a simple but elegant braided style. Use it as a base for your hair design, or you could even use it as a fringeless crochet headband. This versatile look works great on long, medium, or short hair and can be customized in many ways! The Crochet Braids Pattern is a versatile style worn down in braided fashion or up in an updo. The design of this style allows it to wear on any length and texture of hair. This pattern is great for curly, wavy, and straight strands!

4. Crochet Braid Pattern

Crochet Braids Tutorial: Natural Looking and Easy to Do! This video will guide you through how to crochet and Braid your hair. This a tutorial for beginner or advanced braiders who want a natural-looking install on their natural hair. You can braid crochet braids into your transitioning hair, weave or sew them at an angle… The possibilities are endless!


Are you tired of braiding hair? Crochet box braids are the perfect alternative because they are thrifty, easy, and quick! These crochet box braids can insert into your hair at night before bed and washed out in the morning. The Crochet box braids crochet pattern is the perfect hairstyle to make you feel like a queen! A Crochet box braid is a beautiful way to spice up your look, keep your hair out of your face, and be comfortable. The best part is that you can easily make these in under an hour! With this easy step-by-step video tutorial!


The crochet braids hairdo has been all the rage lately, and it’s not hard to see why. With this easy pattern, you can crochet your own stylish braid extensions or add them to your faux locs style. The perfect crochet braid pattern can use for crocheting your own hair extensions or as a protective style at night. It’s so easy to do and requires no heat! The results are long-lasting and super full! The best part is that this pattern can use repeatedly…

7. The PERFECT Crochet Braid Pattern

Are you new to making crochet braids, or have you ever wanted to know how to install crochet braids but need help knowing where to start? Then this is the perfect pattern for you! This video tutorial is simple and easy, perfect for beginners! This crochet braid pattern is the perfect hairstyle for beginners! This hairstyle looks amazing and takes only a few minutes to install. It uses only three pieces of hair so that you can wear it with almost any outfit. You can also pick the color or have fun coloring your own braids.

8. Crochet Versatile Braid Pattern

Are you looking to create a hairstyle that is easy to maintain? Our crochet braid pattern is quick, versatile, and straightforward. Crochet braids can wear down, up, or in a ponytail. It’s the perfect addition to your hairstyle routine. This crochet pattern will teach you to make a beautiful, versatile braid pattern. The pattern can use in place of traditional hair extensions, and braids can wash and style as you would typically do with the help of some creme rinse and conditioner.

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9. Crochet Braids Patterns For Best Results

Crochet braids are the perfect crochet braiding patterns for the best results. It’s quick and easy; you can make it as long as you want or with short hair, but still very appealing. The best crochet braids pattern takes less time but produces beautiful results. These easy crochet braids patterns are such a perfect hairstyle for summer.

10. Special Crochet Pattern

Are you looking for a fast, cheap way to get your hair braided? This crochet pattern is the answer. It is perfect for any outfit, whether part of your everyday look or going out with friends. You can wear this crochet hairdo naturally curly or straightened in any hairstyle. This crochet braids pattern is easy for beginners with only single crochet stitches and a foundation chain. Once you’ve made the essential foundation chain, no turns or fancy stitches are needed to complete this project!

11. Versatile Brainless Crochet Passion Twist

The Versatile Brainless Crochet Braids is the perfect starter pattern for a beginner or someone looking to return to the crochet braid game. The pattern has been thoroughly tested for ease and simplicity. It’s easy, fun, and perfect for all skill levels of crocheters! If you need help with crochet, this pattern will teach you a few cute tips on styling your new hair accessory.

12. Crochet Braids Unique

Get a beautiful style in minutes with our Crochet Braids Pattern. This crochet braids pattern is simple and easy to follow to create this look for any occasion! Leaving your skin week after week to install the same mesh, and no more wearing out your natural hair by constantly wearing tight styles like crochet braids!

13. Crochet Braid Pattern And Cornrow Tips For Flat Braids

This crochet braid pattern is excellent for beginners as it is simple. This braided look is often used in African American hairstyles but can wear by anyone who wants a new look. The easy crochet braid pattern is fun for your next mane journey. It’s also great for cornrows! Learn how to make your own with this tutorial on crochet braids using a simple beginner-level stitch.

14. Best Cornrows Braid Pattern For Straight

If you want a simple and easy crochet braids pattern, this is the best cornrow braid pattern for straight/curly knotless crochet braids. Follow the pictorial guide, and with a few basic supplies – you can have lovely, long, and lustrous hair within a short period. You can make Crochet braids with various styles in mind and customize them to give you a stunning look every time.

15. Natural-Looking Crochet Braid

Crochet Braid is the most natural-looking crochet braid. It fits all sizes and shapes, from infants to children to adults. You can wear it out or leave it in for a protective style. The most natural-looking crochet braid is finally here! This simple pattern uses a giant bulky yarn, perfect for creating beautiful, full, and fluffy hair extensions. This pattern can also use as a wig/hair accessory, clip-in/braided extensions, or just for fun!

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