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15 Perfect DIY Cat Wheel Plans 2023

DIY Cat Wheel

Introduction to DIY Cat Wheel Plans

Welcome to our blog featuring 15 Perfect DIY Cat Wheel Plans! You’ve come to the right spot if you’re a cat owner eager to keep your feline friend active and amused. These handpicked DIY plans offer interactive and fun cat wheels, ensuring your furry pal stays playful and entertained. From effortless designs to more complex constructions, there’s a cat wheel plan for every skill level and budget. Prepare to embark on a creative journey, treating your beloved pet to these fantastic DIY projects! Prepare for excitement as you delight your furry friend with hours of fun and play!

Keep your feline friend active and entertained with these perfect 15 DIY Cat Wheel Plans, designed to elevate their playtime!

Tips and Tricks for DIY Cat Wheel

Here are some helpful Tips and Tricks for your Cat Wheel:

  1. Choose the right size: Ensure the cat wheel suits your cat’s size and weight.
  2. Use sturdy materials: Opt for durable and safe materials to withstand your cat’s play.
  3. Add traction: Apply non-slip material to the running surface for better grip.
  4. Incorporate scratching surfaces: Include sisal or carpeted areas for your cat’s scratching needs.
  5. Use safe and smooth edges: Sand down sharp edges to prevent injuries.
  6. Lubricate moving parts: Regularly lubricate the wheel for smooth rotation.
  7. Include comfortable bedding: Add a cozy cushion or bedding for your cat to rest.
  8. Position the wheel strategically: Place it in a quiet, comfortable spot your cat enjoys.
  9. Encourage play with toys: Attach or hang enticing items to make playtime more exciting.
  10. Supervise initial use: Monitor your cat’s first interactions with the wheel to ensure safety and comfort.

Supply Need For DIY Cat Wheel Plans

Each DIY cat wheel plan may require different supplies, depending on the design and size. But don’t worry; here are some general supplies you might need:

  1. Plywood or other sturdy wood material
  2. Circular saw or jigsaw
  3. Sandpaper
  4. Measuring tape
  5. Drill and drill bits
  6. Screws
  7. PVC pipe or metal rod for the axle
  8. Bearings or bushings
  9. Spray paint or wood stain (optional)
  10. Carpet or other material for the running surface
  11. Velcro or double-sided tape to attach the running surface

It’s important to follow the instructions for each cat wheel plan to ensure you have all the necessary supplies and tools. You may also need to purchase additional materials based on your chosen customization options, such as decorative elements or additional features for your cat’s enjoyment.

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1. How to Make a Cat Wheel

1. How to Make a Cat Wheel

A cat wheel is an important piece of equipment in a house with a cat. This spinning wheel makes your furry friend active and happy while working as a good entertainment device or exercise equipment. If you want a compact, stable, and inexpensive exercise wheel for your cat, learn how to make one out of 3 galvanized steel sheets.
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2. DIY Cat Exercise Wheel Device

2. DIY Cat Exercise Wheel Device

The easy-to-make DIY cat wheel is a cost-effective and practical solution for providing exercise to cats in need. Whether your feline friend requires additional physical activity or your indoor pet has been displaying restless behavior, this project offers an enjoyable and stimulating answer. It allows cats to engage in physical exercise and mental stimulation, promoting their overall well-being and providing a fun outlet for their energy.
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3. How To Build A Cat Wheel

The cat wheel is terrific for exercising and having fun with your cat. Made of sturdy plastic, it’s better than a regular wheel. So easy to assemble! The easy-to-make DIY cat wheel is an inexpensive and effective solution for cats who need exercise. Whether your cat needs extra physical activity or your indoor pet has become fidgety, this project can provide a fun and stimulating solution.
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4. DIY Cat Wheel

4. DIY Cat Wheel

This DIY Cat Wheel modular and creative design is crafted from top-notch plywood, ensuring durability and functionality. Embrace the simplicity and ease of assembling it, granting your beloved feline friend countless hours of play and exercise in this engaging and one-of-a-kind cat wheel. Elevate your cat’s happiness and well-being with this exciting addition to their playtime!
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5. DIY Cat Exercise Wheel

For the cat lovers you know, get them a DIY cat exercise wheel – they’ll love it! It’s a simple project that requires only a few steps, and in no time, you can build an exercise wheel for your favorite feline! Keep your cat fit and healthy for years to come with the help of this DIY cardboard cat exercise wheel.
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6. Modular Plywood Cat Exercise Wheel

6. Modular Plywood Cat Exercise Wheel

The DIY Modular Plywood Cat Training Exercise Wheel is a versatile and engaging solution for providing exercise to your feline companions. It’s sturdy plywood construction and modular design makes it easily assembled and customized to suit your space. Whether you paint it or add Velcro for flexibility, this cat wheel offers a fun and effective way to keep your cats active, entertained, and in great shape.
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7. Aka Hamster Wheel for Kitties

This ideal cat toy provides much-needed exercise and activates their hunting, stalk, and spring instincts. A small plastic bowl and a tennis ball mounted on a two-by-two piece of plywood make up the hamster wheel. The diameter of the plywood should be about ten inches for one to two cats. You can cut it at any length and finish the edges with wood filler or use push-pin nails for decoration.
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8. Easy and Inexpensive DIY Cat Wheel

This easy and inexpensive DIY cat wheel is easy for you to build and will delight your kitty if they are a climber. Since this wheel doesn’t have a motorized base, it’s more under the cat’s control and can serve as an exercise wheel. This beautiful cat wheel is so easy and inexpensive to make. If you need a fun activity to keep your cat active, this is it!

9. How to Make a Cat Wheel

Your pet will love this DIY cat wheel! This handy DIY project takes only 30 minutes and costs less than $20 in materials. Balsa boxes are the perfect light, sturdy, and soft tread material. They can take it in stride without worrying about damaging their paws.

10. DIY Cat Exercise Wheel

10. DIY Cat Exercise Wheel

The DIY cat exercise wheel is a great way to help your kitty stay fit and healthy. It’s inexpensive, simple to make, and attractive. A cat exercise wheel can also be a great source of entertainment for you and your pet – an excellent indoor activity or playtime toy that is fun, safe, and healthy for your feline companion.
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11. How To Build A Cat Wheel

11. How To Build A Cat Wheel

The DIY Cat Wheel is a complete homemade creation, crafted from scratch, using a Dremel circle cutter to ensure a precise and perfect circular shape for the skateboard-style wheel. Safety is paramount, so we have included a harness to ensure your feline friend can enjoy the ride securely. This DIY project offers a unique and thrilling way for your cat to exercise and have fun!
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12. Building a Pet Raccoon Running Wheel

Animal lovers want their pets to be physically fit, so they often build a running wheel for their small or large animals at home. This is a great way to keep your pet in shape and burn off some of its extra energy reserves. Sometimes the wheels you can buy from pet shops are expensive, but you can build this inexpensively with these plans.

13. Handmade Cat Exercise Wheel

Whether you have a kitten or a mature cat, you will see how much they enjoy using the Cat Exercise Wheel. It has given our cats many years of pleasure and fun exercising. The standard wheel is perfect for a full-size cat; even if you have an overweight cat, the larger wheel will give them all the exercise needed.

14. The Best DIY Cat Running Wheel On A Budget

Looking for some fun DIY cat toys that will help your kitty burn off some energy? Try this simple, affordable cat wheel your feline friend can run on. It will cost you as little as $15! Assembling the frame is a straightforward process that requires some carpentry techniques, but anyone with the right tools and skills can build it on the weekend.

15. Best DIY Cat Running Wheel

If you’re looking for the best DIY cat running wheel tutorial that doesn’t involve using wood, we have just the solution for you. Our video tutorial will guide you through creating a fantastic cat running wheel using alternative materials. Say goodbye to traditional wooden designs and explore this exciting alternative approach. Follow this video tutorial to give your cat a unique running wheel experience.


In summary, the DIY cat wheel plans provide a simple and cost-effective solution for creating a customized exercise and play area for your cats. Using readily available materials and basic tools, you can build a wheel without a frame, ensuring an engaging experience for your feline friends. Give it a try and watch your cats enjoy the benefits of their new homemade cat wheel.

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