16 DIY Grass Wall Plans to Bring Nature Indoors

If you’re a nature lover, you know that bringing plants indoors can help make your home feel more like a living ecosystem. But it’s not always easy to find ways to keep houseplants alive—especially if you’re not particularly good with plants in the first place. Fortunately, plenty of great DIY projects for creating your living wall exist. Get inspired for your next indoor planting project with these 16 DIY grass wall plans. There’s something here for everyone, from small indoor gardens to large green walls. Each DIY can be customized to fit your space, style, and the type of grass you want to grow.

Bring the beauty of nature indoors with these 16 DIY grass wall plans! These projects are sure to impress, from minimalist designs to bold statement walls.

How to Choose the Right Location for Your DIY Grass Wall

1. The first thing you want to do is choose a location for your DIY grass wall.

2. Make sure the location is well-lit and has plenty of natural light.

3. Choose an area with good air circulation, such as near a window or door that can be opened regularly.

4. Make sure that the area is free from dust, dirt, and other particles that might damage your DIY grass wall when it grows later on down the line!

Benefits of Installing DIY Grass Walls in Your Home

Here are some possible benefits of installing DIY grass walls in your home:

  1. Brings nature indoors: DIY grass walls can help bring a touch of nature into your home, which can have a calming and relaxing effect.
  2. Adds texture and depth: Grass walls can add a unique and interesting texture to your home decor, creating depth and visual interest.
  3. Easy to maintain: Many types of grasses used for DIY grass walls are low-maintenance and require minimal watering or care.
  4. Improves air quality: Grass is a natural air purifier that can help improve your home’s air quality.
  5. Sound-absorbing: Grass walls can also act as a sound absorber, reducing echo and noise in your home.
  6. Budget-friendly: DIY grass walls can be a budget-friendly way to add a touch of nature and unique style to your home decor.
  7. Sustainable option: Grass is a renewable resource, and using it as a home decor material can be a more sustainable choice than other materials.

16 DIY Grass Wall Plans to Bring Nature Indoors

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1. DIY Grass Wall

DIY Wedding Photo Backdrop East Coast Creative Blogeastcoastcreativeblog

A great way to spruce up your event is with a photo booth! It’s the perfect place for people to capture and share their favorite memories, but adding in the natural beauty of a grass wall makes an even more fun backdrop. The look is perfect for homecoming, prom, or other winter events.

2. DIY Pampas Grass Wall

DIY Pampas grass wallsnap-society

This DIY Pampas Grass Wall is a quick, easy, and inexpensive way to make your home feel like a tropical getaway. The grass adds an instant tropical touch of nature that can be used anywhere in your home — whether in the kitchen when you need a reminder of summer or by the bedside table for late-night reading.

3. DIY Faux Living Wall

DIY Faux Living WallAbeautifulmess

Love the look of a living wall but need more space for one. Try using faux grass and succulents to create a unique display. Make your house look amazing with this DIY Grass Wall! This project is easy to make and will provide a unique addition to any room in your house. This modern-day garden is easy to install and requires less maintenance than regular plants.

4. DIY Grass Wall And Neon Sign

Making your grass wall is a simple, fun, and creative way to decorate your home without breaking the bank. This guide shows you how to make a grass wall over your existing furniture or any wall. For this simple but effective project, you only need a box of panels and a staple gun. If you have an empty wall, this DIY will be easy for anyone to create.

This DIY grass wall tutorial creates a stylish green wall in your living room. It’s an easy project and costs less than $100! Use this DIY grass wall kit to create a green wall for your home. It comes with everything needed to create the look of a lush, green landscape right in your own home. Once you’ve completed your DIY, you’ll have a solid background for years.

 6. DIY Boxwood Hedge Backdrop

Looking for a garden backdrop that’s pretty, easy to put together, and won’t break the bank? This Boxwood Hedge Backdrop is just the thing. It’s simple enough that even a beginner can handle it, yet elegant enough to grace any gathering your home offers. This is the perfect option to create a modern yet cozy atmosphere in any home space!

7. DIY Grass Wall With LED Lights

Get a pack of grass panels and unpack it. Add a bit of greenery to your room, office, or garden with this DIY Grass Wall With LED Lights. Perfect for indoors and outdoors, the panel is made from real grass and can be stacked with any wall. This beautiful wall creates a natural habitat for butterflies and insects that love plants and flowers.

8. Vertical Grass Wall

How to Create a Vertical Grass Wall (7 Easy Steps!)gardentabs

Create a lovely green backdrop for your wall. This simple project will bring a luxurious feel to any room, especially when decorated with other plants or flowers that coordinate with your chosen grass color. With a few tools and your imagination, this creative project is easy to create and can be customized to fit the theme of any room.

9. DIY Your Own (Faux) Living Wall


The grass is beautiful but can be a little expensive to purchase. With this easy DIY, you can create your living wall for a fraction of the cost and still have that incredible green touch in your home. DIY your living wall using this easy to follow instructions and make your living space look like you’ve been gardening all along.

10. DIY Boho Wall Decor With Dried Grass

DIY Boho Wall Decor dried grassharlowandthistle

Looking for a way to spice up your room decor? You may have the perfect dried grasses or reeds lying around in your backyard, waiting to be made into something beautiful; this DIY project is quick and easy and will make an eye-catching wall hanging that will capture any guest’s attention. This DIY grass wall decor is rustic, easy on the eye, and can be used throughout the year.

11. DIY Faux Grass Wall Backdrop

Do it yourself and save money. This faux grass backdrop will make your event shine. With simple materials, you can do this easy project. Turn an unused wall into an awesome, modern decor piece. This DIY grass wall is easy to build and can be done over the weekend with some help (or without). The materials needed are inexpensive, and the effect is so cool that you’ll easily find hundreds of uses.

12. DIY Grass Wall Under $20

If you love decorating and are always looking for new ideas, this DIY Grass Panel Wall project might be just what the doctor ordered. This simple, inexpensive way to spruce up a wall in your home or office is beautiful and a conversation starter. It can also serve as a screen for privacy purposes or to add an element of intrigue to an entryway.

13. 20-Minute Flower Wall DIY

This flower wall is a gorgeous way to bring a pop of color into any room. The process only takes 20 minutes, so it’s easy to put together whether you’re planning an afternoon DIY project or need to make something special for an event or party. These flower panels were made for quick installation, meaning you can hang them the same day you receive your package!

Make your next party fun and trendy with a DIY grass-wall backdrop. Give your next party a lush, green backdrop with DIY Grass Wall Backdrop. Great for living rooms, powder rooms, and more, this easy-to-make wall takes just a few minutes to assemble and looks effortlessly chic. It features fresh, realistic grass in an array of gorgeous colors and sizes, easily customized for any occasion!

15. DIY Grass Wall

This is the best way how to make DIY Grass Wall. It gives the most detailed guide on making your own DIY grass wall at home. This is a fun and creative activity for adults and kids of all ages! It will also help you save time, money & effort! This project will not only make your wall look stylish, but it will live with minimal maintenance and water consumption.

16. Easy DIY Backdrop With Grass

This easy backdrop is the perfect way to bring your photos to life! Make a green backdrop for your photo shoots with this DIY Grass Wall. Easy to hang and own, this grassy green fabric backdrop provides an eco-friendly alternative to plastic drop cloths. This backdrop features thick reeds that let you create faux greenery for years.

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