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25 Cheap Homemade Cat Toys Ideas That Are Easy To Make

DIY Cat Toys Ideas

Adore your feline friends but are concerned about overfeeding and lethargy? Be at ease with these 25 Cheap Homemade Cat Toys ideas. Ensuring your kitty’s active engagement, these unique and affordable projects benefit her physical fitness and hunting skills while entertaining her for hours. Get inspired by easy-to-follow instructions, replicating store-bought favorites, and even inventing custom cat exercise stations so they can remain agile and lively, all within your budget!

Check out these 25 Simple and Cheap Homemade Cat Toys Ideas that are easy to make and provide hours of entertainment for your furry friend.

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So, get your creative juices flowing, and let’s start making fun and interactive toys for your cat!

1. Homemade Cat Toy Jungle Gym

Homemade Cat Toy Jungle Gym

You’ll adore the simplicity of this DIY Homemade Cat Jungle Gym! With a wooden step ladder, sisal rope, and other supplies, you can quickly create a fun and creative play space for your fluffy buddy. This easy-to-make project is practical and enjoyable for you and your feline friend.
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2. Hanging Scratcher Homemade Cat Toy

Hanging Scratcher Homemade Cat Toy

Behold the DIY Hanging Cat Scratcher – an absolute treat for your feline friend! This delightful hanging toy is not just super loved by kitties; it’s also easy to make. Turning everyday materials into a fun cat scratcher is a cinch. It’s sure to be an instant hit with your fluffy pal!
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3. DIY Menswear Mouse Toy

2. DIY Menswear Mouse Toy

Check out this brilliant DIY Menswear Mouse Toy! Made from bright suiting and shirting fabric, these natty little critters are irresistible to any cat. While they’re not real mice, your feline friend will undoubtedly adore these stylish playthings. It’s an easy, captivating, and colorful craft that your kitty will go nuts for!
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4. Wine Corks DIY Kitty Toys

Wine Corks DIY Kitty Toys

Attention all cat lovers! Check out these awesome DIY Wine Corks Kitty Toys – perfect for hours and hours of fun with your furry friend. You only need wine corks, glue, and cool trimmings like feathers, pipe cleaners, jute, or raffia. Voilà, you’ve got yourself a super-cute and entertaining cork cat toy!
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5. How to Build a Cat Play Gym

5. How to Build a Cat Play Gym

Wow, the DIY Build-a-Cat Play Gym is simply amazing! Your cat will adore this fun creation. You only need some wood, a drill bit, white rope, and colorful ribbons. With its A-shaped stands and hanging ribbons on the middle wood stick, this play gym will become your cat’s favorite place in no time!
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6. DIY Natural Cat Toys

DIY Natural Cat Toys

These DIY Natural Cat Toys are a real breath of fresh air! Safe from harmful chemicals, they’re filled with loose catnip and sesame seeds for entertainment galore. Crafted from papier mache shapes designed like fruits and veggies – but feel free to add your own twist. So, let’s roll up your sleeves and craft some top-notch, healthy fun for our cats!
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7. DIY T-shirt Cat Toy

DIY T-shirt Cat Toy

Feast your eyes on this fabulous DIY T-shirt Cat Toy! It’s made easily by cutting an old T-shirt into squares and strips. Give them a gentle stretch for a nice roll-up effect, tie them into a knot, and pull tightly on the ends. And voila! You’ve got a fun and vibrant new plaything, guaranteed to be a kitty crowd-pleaser!
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8. How to Make Feather Kitty Toy

How to Make Feather Kitty Toy

Check out this adorable DIY Feather Kitty Toy! Honestly, which cat could resist playing with this delightful feather-shaped toy made from wool felt? The best part is how easy it is to create using scissors, an iron, jingle bells, and a satin cord. Your whiskered friend will adore this charming little plaything!
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9. DIY Felt Mouse Cat Toy

DIY Felt Mouse Cat Toy

You’ll love these super cute DIY Felt Mouse Cat Toys! They’re easy to make with wool felt, embroidery thread, catnip, and stuffing. Just fill them up and watch your cat have fun with their new mouse pal. Don’t forget to add a twine tail for extra charm! Your kitty will be so entertained and happy!
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10. DIY Ribbon Cat Toy

DIY Ribbon Cat Toy

Whoa! This DIY Ribbon Cat Toy is amazing and super easy to craft! Grab some scraps of ribbons, feathers, and a yardstick, then let the staple or low-temp glue gun do the work. It’s like magic; it only takes 10 minutes. Best part? It’s free! What a clever, budget-friendly way to entertain your feline friend!
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11. Cutest Little Feather Cat Toy

Pamper your kitty with the DIY Cutest Little Feather Cat Toy, boasting bright colors and unbeatable fun. Easy to create using just a long stick or a wood dowel, vibrant feathers, and tiny bells, this eye-catching toy promises endless entertainment. It’s the perfect homemade delight any cat will surely fall head over tail for.
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12. Make a Fleece Catnip Toy

Make a Fleece Catnip Toy

Enjoy memorable playtimes with your cat with the DIY Fleece Catnip Toy. Crafted from common household items like colored papers, golden wrap paper, a long stick, and wool, this simple yet delightful toy will quickly capture your cat’s attention. Glue the papers onto the wool, tie it to the stick, and voila – a perfect playmate for your furry friend!
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13. Make a Pom-pom Cat Wand

Celebrate cat playtime by crafting the DIY Pom-pom Cat Wand, a delightful must-have for your favorite feline. You can craft a fabulous homemade toy your feline will adore using a wooden dowel rod, leather cord, yarn, twine, embroidery thread, and some felt. The gold thread adds a touch of shiny allure cats can’t resist! An easy, exciting, and affordable way to keep your pet engaged.
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14. DIY Junk Food Cat Toy

Sew fun for your furry friend with delightful DIY Junk Food Cat Toys! Mimicking the shapes of tacos, donuts, and hamburgers, these adorable toys are a cinch to create if you have basic sewing skills. Their unique design and easy crafting process make them a charming addition to your cat’s toy collection!
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15. Handmade Fish Cat Toy

Create a pet-friendly sensation with the DIY Handmade Fish Cat Toy. This vibrant mini fish toy will enthrall your cat with its charming purple color and cute button eyes. Made from simple materials like fabric and stuffing, stitched together with a needle, it offers an adorable, easy-to-make playtime boost for your beloved feline.
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16. DIY Felt Sushi Cat Toy

DIY Felt Sushi Cat Toys

Indulge your cat in a world of imaginative play with a DIY Felt Sushi Cat Toy. You can craft adorable sushi-shaped toys that captivate your furry friend using soft felt fabric, scissors, and glue. Watch as your cat pounces, bats, and chases these delightful creations, providing them with mental and physical stimulation. With its handmade charm and endless entertainment value, the DIY Felt Sushi Cat Toy is a wonderful way to show your cat some extra love and creativity. Treat your feline companion to a sushi-inspired playtime experience they won’t forget!
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17. Wooden Dowel Cat Toy

Wooden Dowel Cat Toys

What cat doesn’t love a little dangly bird to bat around? And what dog doesn’t love to rip the stuffing out of it? This DIY project is easy and cheap; it was made quickly too! You’ll have plenty of time to play with your kitty while they swat at this handy toy. This fun, easy DIY cat toy is a great way to use scrap wood and upcycle. You only need some small dowel rods and creativity to create a cat toy that will entertain your kitty for hours.
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18. DIY Cat Condo From a Stool

DIY Cat Condo From a Stool

Introducing the DIY Cat Condo Stool Project! This exciting endeavor combines functionality and fun to create a cozy space for your feline friend. By repurposing an ordinary stool, you can transform it into a multi-level cat condo. It will give your cat a place to rest, play, and observe its surroundings. With basic materials like carpet, sisal rope, and a few tools, you can customize the stool to include scratching posts, perches, and cozy hideouts. This ingenious project enhances your cat’s environment and adds stylish and unique furniture to your home.
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19. DIY Cat Puzzle

DIY Cat Puzzle

Challenge your cat’s problem-solving skills as they navigate the puzzle to uncover hidden rewards. Create a stimulating DIY Cat Puzzle using disposable food containers, sharp scissors, a utility knife, a black marker, rubbing alcohol, a lighter, small rubber adhesive casters, and cat toys and treats. This interactive and engaging project will keep your feline friend entertained and mentally stimulated.
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20. DIY Cat Tree Using a Real Tree

DIY Cat Tree Using a Real Tree

Create a one-of-a-kind DIY Cat Tree using a real tree. Repurpose a sturdy tree trunk, and add platforms, shelves, and scratching posts for your cat’s enjoyment. This unique cat tree brings nature indoors, providing a stimulating and natural environment for your feline friend to explore and relax.
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21. DIY Cat Toys Using Old Baby Socks

DIY Cat Toys Using Old Baby Socks

Discover a creative way to repurpose old baby socks with DIY Cat Toys! Instead of discarding those unused socks, transform them into playful and entertaining toys for your feline companion. Gather a selection of clean, old baby socks, catnip, and safe fillings like crinkly paper or soft fabric scraps. Fill the socks with catnip and stuffing, creating small, lightweight toys your cat will love to bat and chase. You can also tie knots or add feathers for extra excitement. These homemade toys provide mental and physical stimulation, keeping your cat engaged.
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22. Fishing Pole Cat Toy

Fishing Pole Cat Toys

DIY fishing pole cat toys are a favorite among cat owners seeking interactive and engaging toys for their furry companions. This simple project entails attaching a feather, toy mouse, or another small object to a string, then tied to a wooden dowel or stick. By enticing your cat with the wiggling and waving motion of the fishing pole, you can replicate the movements of prey, providing endless entertainment and activity. Not only does this project foster a stronger bond with your pet, but it also promotes exercise and playfulness.
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23. Felt Macaron Toys

Homemade Felt Macaron Cat Toys

These homemade felt cat toys are easy to make, and your kitty will love them. Cats love to play with strings. Macaron cat toys provide a new twist on the classic ball of yarn that is so much fun for kitties! Make one or several for your favorite feline friend. They are fun to make, and you can personalize them by adding your cat’s name to create a truly unique handmade kitty present.
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24. Kit Tea Catnip Toys

Tea Catnip Cat Toy

This delightful project allows you to create charming and interactive toys for your feline companion. Craft your DIY Kit Tea Catnip Cat Toys using fabric, catnip, and sewing supplies. Fill the tea bag shape toys with catnip-infused stuffing and watch as your cat enjoys hours of playtime. It’s a simple and engaging project that stimulates your cat’s senses naturally and safely.
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25. Toys From Cotton Precuts

Cat Toys from Cotton Precuts

Transform cotton precuts into delightful DIY Cat Toys! With a selection of colorful fabric squares, you can create engaging and interactive toys for your feline friend. Cut the fabric into desired shapes, like mice or fish, and sew them together, leaving a small opening for stuffing. Fill the toys with catnip-infused stuffing or other enticing materials, and securely sew them shut. These homemade cat toys will provide mental and physical stimulation, keeping your cat entertained and happy.
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In conclusion, creating Homemade Cat Toys is a wonderful way to provide your feline friend with entertainment, mental stimulation, and a personalized play experience. You can craft engaging toys from simple materials and easy-to-follow instructions to keep your cat happily occupied. By investing time and creativity into these DIY projects, you not only save money but also deepen the bond with your furry friends. So, unleash your creativity, enjoy the process, and watch your cat’s joy unfold as they interact with these homemade treasures.

FAQs About Homemade Cat Toys Ideas

Q1: What are common materials used in Homemade Cat Toy ideas?

Creating a Homemade Cat Toy idea can be an enjoyable and budget-friendly activity. Materials like wool yarn, feathers, and small bells can excite your cat’s playtime. Repurposing cardboard and fabric scraps allows you to craft engaging toys while being eco-friendly. The innovative use of dowel rods and cotton batting adds variety. Moreover, including catnip will elevate your pet’s experience, transforming playtime into a delightful, cherished activity for you and your furry friend.

Q2: What are the benefits of homemade cat toys?

Homemade cat toys have several benefits. Firstly, it can save you money compared to buying expensive store-bought toys. Secondly, you can customize the toys to suit your cat’s preferences and play style. Additionally, homemade toys often use safe and natural materials, reducing the risk of toxic exposure. Lastly, creating toys for your cat can be a fun and rewarding bonding activity.

Q3: What are some safety tips about homemade cat toys?

Safety is paramount when making cat toys. Avoid using small, easily swallowed parts, sharp edges, or toxic materials. Always supervise your cat while they play with toys to prevent any accidents. Additionally, regularly inspect the toys for wear and tear, and replace them if damaged.

Q4: Can cats thrive without toys?

Answer: Yes, cats can live and thrive without toys. While toys can provide mental stimulation and enrichment, they are unnecessary for a cat’s survival. Cats can find entertainment and enrichment in their natural environment, such as exploring, climbing, and observing their surroundings. However, toys can enhance a cat’s quality of life, prevent boredom, and provide opportunities for exercise and play.

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