25 Homemade Easy To Make DIY Cat Toys

If you’re a cat owner, you know how much our feline friends love to play with toys. However, store-bought toys can be expensive and may only sometimes capture your cat’s attention. That’s where DIY cat toys come in! Not only are they easy to make, but they’re also a fun and cost-effective way to keep your kitty entertained. In this blog post, we’ve compiled a list of 25 homemade DIY cat toys you can make with items you already have at home. From cardboard boxes to yarn balls, these toys will provide hours of entertainment for your furry friend.

So, get your creative juices flowing, and let’s start making fun and interactive toys for your cat! Looking for fun and affordable DIY cat toys? Check out these 25 homemade cat toys that are easy to make and provide hours of entertainment for your furry friend.

What are some benefits of making DIY cat toys?

Making DIY cat toys has several benefits. First, it can be a fun and rewarding activity for cat owners who enjoy crafting and creating things. Additionally, DIY cat toys can be much cheaper than store-bought toys, which can be a great way to save money while still providing your cat with plenty of entertainment. DIY cat toys can also be customized to suit your cat’s individual preferences and play style, which can lead to a more satisfying playtime experience for you and your cat

What are some common materials used to make DIY cat toys?

Different materials can be used to make DIY cat toys, including cardboard, felt, yarn, fabric scraps, and household items like paper towel rolls or egg cartons. Other popular materials include feathers, catnip, bells, and other small toys or trinkets that can be attached to a string or wire to create an interactive toy.

What are some safety tips when making DIY cat toys?

When making DIY cat toys, keeping safety in mind is important. Be sure to choose safe materials for cats to play with, and they won’t pose a choking hazard if swallowed. Avoid using sharp or easily breakable materials, and supervise your cat while playing with the toy to ensure they don’t accidentally ingest any small parts. It’s also important to avoid using toxic materials or substances like glue or paint that could harm your cat.

How can DIY cat toys help to keep cats entertained and mentally stimulated?

DIY cat toys can provide cats with a great deal of mental and physical stimulation, which can be important for their overall health and well-being. Interactive toys like fishing poles or puzzles can challenge a cat’s hunting instincts and keep them engaged and active. Additionally, toys that incorporate catnip or other scents can help to provide sensory stimulation and keep cats interested in playing. Overall, DIY cat toys can be a fun and effective way to keep cats entertained and mentally stimulated.

25 Homemade Easy To Make DIY Cat Toys

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1. Hanging Cat Scratcher DIY

Hanging Cat Scratcher

This simple cat scratcher is a great way to offer your furry friend a place to hang out and do some scratching. You don’t need fancy tools, just your trusty drill and a few common household items. This affordable DIY wooden cat scratch pad will provide you and your cat with hours of entertainment!


2. Menswear Mouse Toy

Menswear Mouse Toy

Everyone loves a little DIY craft, and this mouse is an adorable handmade cat toy that’s sure to be a hit with your kitty. Made from repurposed menswear, it has plenty of texture for them to pounce on and bat around. Simple instructions are included, but feel free to improvise! It’s great for those who can sew but want to learn something new or get some practice while making something they can use at home. Plus, it makes a great gift!


3. Homemade Cat Jungle Gym

Homemade Cat Jungle Gym

Making homemade cat toys is easier than you think. This DIY Jungle Gym for Cats requires only a step ladder and a few minutes of your time, resulting in hours of fun for your feline friend. The jungle gym includes scratching posts, playing sports, cabinets for hiding toys—and even a bed on top! You’ll want to build more than one because it’s not unusual for your cat to try to claim the entire thing as its private zone.


4. Wine Corks DIY Kitty Toys

wine cork DIY kitty toys
This is a fun craft whether you are 8 or 80! This project uses wine corks to create beautiful and durable toys for your kitty. The tutorial uses various materials, and the best part is that everything can be found at the local craft store. It is the perfect way to give your cat hours of fun while keeping them entertained and active.

5. How to Build a Cat Play Gym

Build a Cat Play Gym

Get your cat off the sofa and onto a fun-filled play gym. This DIY cat toy is made from wood and rope, with colorful ribbons encouraging stretching and jumping for even more excitement. Cats can sharpen their claws on the sisal rope or jump from platform to platform. Add a scratching post for enhanced feline entertainment!

Details here charlestoncrafted

6. DIY Natural Cat Toys You Can

Natural Cat Toys You Can

Make your own natural cat toys to keep your cat busy and happy! Great for cats who love to play with pinecones, balls, feathers, and even paper bags. You’ll make a color block toy that’s easy to see in the sun and a construction paper ball that will add new textures to your cat’s playtime.

Details here prodigalpieces

7. DIY T-shirt Cat Toy

DIY T-shirt Cat Toy

This DIY cat toy is just what your kitty deserves. It’s made from a holey old shirt and filled with plastic bags. The key is to make the box itself large enough for your cat to move in but small enough, so the bags don’t come out or interfere with playtime.


8. DIY Feather Kitty Toy

 cat toys made from felt fabric

Keep your kitty busy with this DIY cat toy. It’s a fun, interactive feather toy with strings and balls–the perfect thing to keep your cat distracted longer! This DIY cat toy is an affordable and fun DIY project for those who love to craft. This toy is a great way to keep your cat active, as it requires them to try and figure out how to get the feather out of the pipe.

9. DIY Felt Mouse Cat Toy

DIY Felt Mouse Cat Toy

DIY Felt Mouse Cat Toy is a great way to give your cat hours of fun and entertainment. This felt mouse cat toy had been tested on many cats by the DIY Cat Toys team, and we are happy to report that all cats loved them! They are easy to make, great homemade ideas, and inexpensive to keep your favorite furry friend occupied while you are away.

Details here liagriffith

10. DIY Ribbon Cat Toy

DIY Ribbon Cat Toy

This easy-to-make DIY ribbon cat toy will give your feline friend a fashion-forward cat toy in no time. This project doesn’t need sewing skills or special tools, so it’s perfect for beginners. The best part is that you can customize your cat’s playtime by making different combinations of toys and string to create endless possibilities!


11. Cutest Little Feather Cat Toy

Little Feather Cat Toy

Your kitties will love to chase and pounce on these feathery toys. This diy cat toy is super simple and quick to make, and it gives you a chance to show off your DIY skills! Pick up some ribbon in your favorite color and adorn it with feathers. Watch your kitty hunt the little birdies down all day long.


12. Make a Fleece Catnip Toy

a Fleece Catnip Toy

Are you worried about your cat’s boredom and loneliness? If yes, then here is a way to reduce the boredom of your cats by making them a simple fleece catnip toy. This fleece catnip toy is easy to make and quite fun for your pets. This will work quickly, and your feline friends will love it.

Details here designlovefest

13. Make a Pom-pom Cat Wand

 Pom pom Cat Wand

Making a pom-pom cat wand is a fun and easy DIY project to provide your feline friend with hours of entertainment. Pom-poms are a cat favorite, so why not make your own DIY cat toy wand using them? The materials are inexpensive, and you don’t need any special skills. You will have a new toy for your cat to enjoy in just a few minutes.


14. DIY Junk Food Cat Toy

Junk Food Cat Toy

If you’re looking for a fun and creative way to spoil your cat, try making a DIY junk food cat toy! This toy is made from common household items like felt, stuffing, and a bit of fabric glue. By crafting miniature versions of popular snacks like pizza, fries, and donuts, your cat will play and pounce on their new food-shaped toys. Plus, since it’s homemade, you can customize the toy to match your cat’s personality or favorite foods. It’s a fun and simple way to provide extra stimulation and playtime for your furry friend.

15. Handmade Fish Cat Toy

Handmade Fish Cat Toy

If you love handmade DIY cat toys and your feline friend adores fish, this fish toy is a must-have! Made with sturdy fabric, this DIY fish cat toy is filled with cat nip and ready to be wrapped and tied. You’ll enjoy playing with your kitty while they happily flop around the room. These toys are incredibly fun, great to help you bond with your pet, and can be customized however you like!

Details here saltwaterdaugh

16. Felt Sushi Cat Toy

Felt Sushi Cat Toy

17. Wooden Dowel Cat Toy

Wooden Dowel Cat Toy

What cat doesn’t love a little dangly bird to bat around? And what dog doesn’t love to rip the stuffing out of it? This DIY project is easy and cheap; it was made quickly too! You’ll have plenty of time to play with your kitty while they swat at this handy toy. This fun, easy DIY cat toy is a great way to use scrap wood and upcycle. You only need some small dowel rods and creativity to create a cat toy that will entertain your kitty for hours.


18. DIY Cat Condo from a Stool

DIY Cat Condo from a Stool

Your cat is going to love this DIY Cat Condo Stool Project! It’s a great way to make your cat happy and give him a beautiful place to curl up and nap. The best part is that it’s easy to make, looks gorgeous, and requires minimal effort. It will provide your cat with hours of fun and looks pretty cool too!


19. DIY Cat Puzzle

cat toys through a hole DIY cat puzzle

20. Cat Tree Using a Real Tree

Cat Tree Using a Real Tree

This tree looks like the real deal but is a DIY project made of an old, dead tree. Planting the tree’s base in the dirt will eventually grow into what you see here. It will likely take a few years to get there, but it’s worth it when you find yourself with a very happy cat with all the room she needs in her new tree house!

Details here bybrittanygol

21. DIY Cat Toys Using Old Baby Socks

Cat Toys Using Old Baby Socks

DIY cat toys are fun to spend time with your feline friend. You can make this simple DIY cat toy using only a few items and your imagination. You can easily make your DIY cat toys with a new sock, material, a cutting board, and creativity. If you have children, their old baby socks are also great for making DIY cat toys because they’re soft and have a variety of colors to choose from.

Details here crayonsandcra

22. Fishing Pole Cat Toy

Fishing Pole Cat Toy

DIY fishing pole cat toys are a popular and simple project for cat owners looking to make an interactive and engaging toy for their feline friends. This toy involves attaching a feather, toy mouse, or another small object to the end of a string and then tying the string to a wooden dowel or stick. By waving and wiggling the fishing pole in front of your cat, you can simulate the movement of prey, keeping your cat entertained and active. This project is a great way to bond with your pet and encourage exercise and playfulness.

Details here liagriffith

23. Homemade Felt Macaron Cat Toys

Homemade Felt Macaron Cat Toys

These DIY homemade felt cat toys are easy to make, and your kitty will love them. Cats love to play with strings. Macaron cat toys provide a new twist on the classic ball of yarn that is so much fun for kitties! Make one or several for your favorite feline friend. They are fun to make, and you can personalize them by adding your cat’s name to create a truly unique handmade kitty present.


24. Kit Tea Catnip Cat Toys

Kit Tea Catnip Cat Toys

If your cat is prone to biting and scratching, try making these DIY Tea Catnip Cat Toys. With homemade cat toys, you can save money while also providing your pets the satisfaction of creating them. These toys are quick and easy to make and are also a great way to recycle leftover pieces of fabric.


25. Cat Toys from Cotton Precuts

Cat Toys from Cotton Precuts

With your pet’s safety in mind, this cat toy tutorial is easy, quick, and inexpensive. The mousie cat toy makes a perfect gift for you and your friends and family cats who will love it. This cat toy will look like a bigger mouse and will be a smart choice to teach your kitten how to be a hunter.


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