27 DIY Shoe Rack Ideas: Organize Your Footwear in Style!

An organized shoe rack is a must-have for every home. It not only keeps all your shoes in one place, but it also helps you find the pair you want easily. Whether you’re a woman looking for shoe storage ideas or a man looking for shoe-organizing hacks, you’ll have no problem finding helpful DIY projects. From built-in wood shelves to wall mount racks and other hanging solutions, we’ve selected 27 of the most stylish shoe rack designs and several shoe storage ideas to help keep your closet looking great!

If you are thinking about organizing your shoes, these DIY ideas will inspire you enough to start working on them right away.

27 DIY Shoe Rack Ideas: Organize Your Footwear in Style!

Benefits Of DIY Shoe Rack Ideas

Here are some of the benefits of DIY shoe rack ideas:

  1. You can customize the design to fit your needs
  2. You can make it from inexpensive materials
  3. It is easy to build

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1. DIY Industrial Shoe Rack

industrial shoe rack made from wood and metal pipe with shoes sitting on it

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2. DIY Floating Bench With Shoe Shelf

Closet to Mudroom - Tutorial for how to turn a hallway closet into a gorgeous and functional mudroom. TheSchmidtHome.net

This DIY floating bench is made of wood and is easy to assemble. It looks stylish and can be used as a shoe rack in your entryway or hallway. You can also use it as a bench in your living room since it’s big enough for two people to sit and relax. It’s not easy to make, but if you follow the steps carefully, you might get the hang of it and start building the shoe rack effortlessly.

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3. DIY Children’s Shoe Rack

Children's Shoe Rack

Sometimes you need a way to keep your kids’ shoes organized and on display so they can be smooth. This Children’s Shoe Rack does the trick and requires very little effort to assemble. It’s also a great spot for storing jackets, backpacks, and other accessories, making it ideal for entryways or bedrooms. This DIY shoe rack is fun and easy to make, and best of all, it doubles as a storage unit in your kids’ room or playroom.

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4. DIY Shoe Rack for a Tight Space


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If shoe organization is your struggle, then this DIY Shoe Rack is for you. Let’s face it, women who prioritize style over practicality will have a tough time finding a lot of room to store their shoes, much less find them in the morning. But if you’re looking for an easy, inexpensive way to keep that problem from happening again, all you need is some plywood and a few simple tools. This diy shoe rack is perfect for tight closets and small spaces in your home!

5. DIY Shoe Rack From Cardboard

This is it if you are looking for an alternative way to organize your shoes. It’s cheap, easy, and saves you a lot of space on the floor. This DIY shoe rack will do just that! In the spirit of simplicity and creativity, this DIY show rack made from cardboard will help you achieve a simple, neat, and classy look for your shoe collection. It’s easy to make and will hold up to 20 pairs of shoes. With so many ideas for different shapes and designs, you might want to make more than one.

If you are looking for a simple, easy, and inexpensive way to add more storage space to your home, then this DIY shoe rack might be just what you need. The guide includes all the information you need to build this simple and affordable design at home.

DIY PVC Shoe Rack is simple and easy to build with just a few supplies. This is a no-paint version that gives you an option for the color of your shoe rack. A great way to organize those shoes you’ve got lying around the house or in different rooms that are not in a closet. Put this shoe organizer together in just minutes!

Whether you are looking for shoe storage or gifts, this DIY shoe rack is easy to make and can be made from recycled pallets. Creating a shoe rack out of recycled pallets can be as simple or complicated as you want it to be. This DIY guide makes it easy for anyone to build their own DIY Pallet Rack. It will take a little time and effort, but once completed, it’s sure to last for years.

9. Triangular DIY Shoe Storage


Get practical and easy to use; this three-sided shoe rack is ideal for storing shoes. Cut the triangles from your cardboard, use a hot glue gun or stapler to attach them, and start storing! The triangular shape makes it perfect for narrow spaces between chairs, under your bed, or in the closet, allowing you to find what you need easily.

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10. DIY Mudroom Bench With Shoe Storage

Easy Mudroom Bench with Shoe Rack

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11. DIY Shoe Rack (Space Saving)

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This DIY shoe rack is a great way to either save space or organize your shoes. The thing about this rack is that it isn’t just for show; it can be very functional. You can fit many shoes on it and still have space for other uses. This DIY shoe rack is easy to build and only takes about half an hour.

12. DIY Shoe Rack

Whether you use the shoe rack for your shoes or for guests to use, it will be a great addition to any home. A simple project that anyone can do! This DIY shoe rack is a great way to use your scrap wood scraps or free up space in your tiny home. It would look great hung on the wall in an entryway or under your bed.

13. DIY Adjustable Shoe Rack

This DIY Shoe Rack is an amazing addition to your home, designed to be multi-functional and easy to assemble. Store all your favorite shoes in this well-made display rack, and enjoy knowing that you can easily move them from room to room. It’s also portable and super easy to make. You can adjust it in any way, shape, or form!

This DIY shoe rack shelf has a unique shape that makes it easy to hang on the wall and store many pairs of shoes. It’s perfect for space-saving living rooms, individual bedrooms, and dorm rooms. With its heavy-duty design, this shoe rack can also easily store heavy-duty thick shoes.

15. DIY Lazy Susan Shoe Storage



If you love lazy susans and need more money for a new one, these DIY shoe racks are the perfect solution. They allow you to store your shoes in a fun way without spending a ton of money on something that will collect dust. This simple tutorial shows you how to make them yourself! Your friends will love them as much as yours did!

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16. DIY Shoe Rack With PVC


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17. DIY Vertical Shoe Rack

Vertical Shoe Rack

This is a shoe rack idea that most people have yet to think of. It’s pretty cool, and it works. It’s like building a shot tower with vertical support. The making process is quite easy to perform, and anyone can make it even without any prior woodwork knowledge. It’s also a cost-effective way to store all your shoes, and looks pretty cool!

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18. DIY Shoe Cabinet

Broken Ikea shoe cabinet

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Floating Shoe Rack

A shoe rack can be the perfect way to keep your shoes organized in a small space. But not all shoe racks have to be bulky, unattractive units that live in a closet. This DIY floating shoe rack is easy to make and uses empty wall space. So go on and make this one right away! This easy-to-make project is perfect for any home and can be customized according to space.

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20. How To Make A DIY Shoe Rack

Any shoe lover will want a place to display their beloved boots, heels, and flats! This DIY Shoe Rack is the perfect way to create an organized way to store your favorite shoes. Save money over buying a pricey piece from the store by building it yourself using this easy step-by-step tutorial.

This DIY Shoe Rack is a great way to display your shoes when you don’t have much space. This simple shoe storage solution is easy to assemble and will keep your favorite footwear in one place. So whether it’s a space-saving project for your home or an easy project to get the kids involved with, this shoe rack will surely be a space-saving success!

22. DIY Cardboard Shoe Rack

This fairly easy DIY shoe rack is completely customizable based on home decor. You can make it longer, shorter, wider, or thinner by adjusting the size of the cutouts and tape or masking tape strips. This DIY shoe rack is easy to make and perfect for your entryway or bedroom. With the help of a few simple items, you can have a stylish and functional organizer in no time.

23. Hang Them Up


This is a super easy DIY shoe rack. You can use any size and shape of wire hanger to make it work better for your closet space, but the simpler the design, the easier this is to make. The beauty of this idea is that it puts all the unused space in your closet to good use by hanging items like shoes, handbags, belts, and hats on hooks!

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24. DIY Shoe Rack

Shoe Rack

Don’t buy a shoe rack at the store. Build your own! It’s easier than it sounds and saves a lot of money. You can use any wood you like and stain or paint it any color to match your decor. This guide shows you how to build a simple and easy shoe rack. Follow the instructions, and you’ll be on your way to keeping your place tidy in just minutes.

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25. DIY Simple Shoe Rack

Shoe Rack

Do you have too many pairs of shoes scattered all over your room? Get some organization with this simple DIY Shoe Rack. This DIY shoe rack is affordable, easy to make, and simple. It will keep all your shoes organized in one place, saving floor space in your home. It can hold up to 15 pairs of shoes. It’s a great way to clear up some space and keep the clutter under control.

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26. DIY Shoe Organizer

DIY shoe organizer and rack for the closet

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27. DIY Scrap Wood Shoe Cabinet

Scrap Wood Shoe Cabinet

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Shoe storage is a problem everyone has—not everyone can afford big, fancy closets with designated space for shoes, and even those who do have to deal with the issue of outgrowing a shoe storage system. If you’re looking for ways to store and display your shoes without spending much money, these 27 DIY shoe storage ideas are perfect!

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