Man Made Crafts: 15 DIY Sewing Projects for Men to Show Off

The blog post titled “Man Made Crafts: 15 DIY Sewing Projects for Men to Show Off” offers an array of creative and practical sewing projects specifically designed for men. The author begins by emphasizing the importance of sewing and crafting skills for men and how they can help create unique and personal items for oneself or as gifts for loved ones. The post then delves into the 15 sewing projects, each with a clear and concise description, step-by-step instructions, and user-friendly visuals. The projects cater to different skill levels and interests, from a versatile messenger bag to a stylish bowtie. Overall, the post offers a comprehensive guide to sewing for men, encouraging them to explore their creativity and showcase their handiwork.

Looking for some creative DIY sewing projects for men? Check out our collection of 15 man-made crafts that will help you show off your style and skills.

  1. Choose the right fabric: Before starting any project, choose the right fabric for your item. Look for high-quality materials that are durable and can withstand wear and tear.
  2. Take accurate measurements: Whether making a shirt, pants, or bag, taking accurate measurements is essential. Use a measuring tape to measure your body or the item you are making, and double-check your measurements before cutting the fabric.
  3. Use the right tools: The right tools are crucial for any sewing project. Ensure you have a good pair of scissors, a sewing machine, and the necessary needles and thread.
  4. Practice on scrap fabric: If you are new to sewing, it’s always a good idea to practice it before starting your project. This will help you get comfortable with the sewing machine and perfect your technique.
  5. Follow the instructions: It may be tempting to skip steps or change the pattern, but it’s important to follow the instructions carefully. This will ensure that your project turns out just as you envisioned it.
  6. Take your time: Sewing can be a relaxing and enjoyable hobby, but it’s important to take your time and not rush through your project. This will help you avoid mistakes and ensure your final product is high quality.

By following these tips, you’ll be on your way to creating DIY sewing projects you can proudly show off.


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1. Men’s sweatpants sewing pattern

Men's drawstring trousers sweatpants loungewear bottoms sewing pattern - Trigg shorts as trousers review

This pattern is easy to follow and makes a perfect gift for the man in your life. These men’s sweatpants are comfortable and stylish and can be made as casual or dressy as needed. This men’s sewing pattern includes a tutorial for making sweatpants for guys of all sizes. This men’s sewing pattern makes it easy to transform sweatpants into something more stylish, versatile, and comfortable.

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2. Men’s summer shirt sewing pattern

Mens summer shirt sewing pattern | Hackney shirt review

A great way to show off your skills, this men’s summer shirt sewing pattern is a quick sewing project that you can complete in the afternoon. The design is simple and fun, and the shirt is comfortable for everyday wear. The pattern is designed to fit men of all ages and sizes, with instructions on how to customize the length of the sleeves and neck opening.

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3. Sewing the Oliver men’s trousers sewing pattern

Oliver Trousers VikiSews review - Men's sewing patterns

The Oliver men’s trousers sewing pattern and tutorial will help you sew a pair of trousers that fit perfectly and look great. Make your pants and show off your sewing skills with the Oliver pattern. The Oliver trousers sewing pattern will help you sew a pair of stylish men’s trousers that fit perfectly, look great and make you feel confident about your clothes.

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4. Mens Ilford Jacket (color-block needlecord)

Men's Ilford jacket Friday - color block needlecord - click through for more menswear sewing patterns

Crafted from soft and lofty needlecord, this men’s jacket features a classic two-tone color block pattern for an authentic look. The pullover design has a casual fit and raglan sleeves for extra comfort. This is a great project for breaking out your sewing machine and making it for your man. Sewing has come back in style! This one won’t disappoint!

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5. DIY Christmas jumper with appliqué felt baubles

DIY Christmas jumper with applique felt baubles - Christmas sewing projects

A Christmas jumper is a great way to get into the festive spirit. This jumper features appliquéd felt baubles and colorful decorations, so plenty can keep you occupied while you’re in the mood for Christmas. It will look great under the tree on Christmas morning, but no one will know if you need to wear it earlier! This retro-inspired jumper features felt appliquéd baubles in festive colors, adding a little extra sparkle too!

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6. Sewing the Foreman Jacket pattern in wool coating

Men's wool coat sewing pattern - Foreman Jacket by Merchant and Mills - Men's sewing

DIY this men’s jacket to keep you warm and stylish. This DIY Sewing project is a great way to show off your new skills and give something unique and stylish to the men in your life. If you want an ideal sewing project using your wool coating, check out this tutorial on making a jacket.

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7. Menswear Pyjamas Pattern

Tilly and the Buttons first menswear pattern - Joe Pyjamas review - menswear sewing

If your guy wants something different and stylish, he’ll love these DIY pajama patterns. They’re easy to make and can be made from any fabric you like. Add a pocket and a button, and he can show them to all his friends. This menswear pajama pattern is a simple, relaxed design made to give you the comfort of a t-shirt and jeans but with added style. It’s great for lounging around at home or sneaking out for a night on the town!

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8. Tips for making a quilted blanket

Tips for making a quilted blanket - How to sew a patchwork quilt - Sewing and crafts blog - The Crafty Gentleman

A homemade quilted blanket is a perfect gift for family members or friends. You can make it as ornate or as simple as you like for a present that is both special and easy to create. This project makes an excellent entry-level sewing project for beginners, and the final product is soft and cozy — just perfect for snuggling on the couch when reading a book.

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9. DIY drawstring bag from upcycled trousers!

How to make a no-sew drawstring bag made from upcycled trousers

This is a simple and quick upcycling project to make your drawstring bag! It’s really easy and only takes about 10 minutes to do. This DIY drawstring bag from upcycled trousers is a great way to show off your seamstress skills and an even better way to show off your man’s flair. With these easy instructions, you can make one of these bags for yourself or a friend!

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10. Man-made linen shorts

Are you tired of seeing your partner looking frumpy in old, shapeless linen shorts? Do you want to give him a perfect summer look without spending too much money? Then this is the DIY sewing project for you. This tutorial is for the DIY enthusiast or crafter ready to take on some new skills and make a manly, handmade item that’s comfortable, durable, and stylish!

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11. How to sew stretch jersey, essential tips

How to sew stretch jersey fabric - The essential sewing guide - Click through for more

Sometimes you want to look great and only spend a little money. It’s possible with this DIY sewing project for men who want to show off their style but in the comfort of knowing they didn’t spend a fortune! The Stretch jersey is so comfortable and has a nice slimming effect. You don’t need much skill with a sewing machine to make this fashionable top or pants, so grab the fabric of your drapes and get started!

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12. How to make an easily reversible tote bag

How to make a reversible tote bag | Easy sewing projects

A great tote bag is a perfect way to show off your skills as a DIYer. With only a few simple steps, you’ll have a chic and useful bag that lasts years. This tote bag is made with a sturdy and reliable fabric that can be used for heavy loads. It’s reversible and can be displayed on the front or the backside. This easy sewing project is perfect for men who need a durable bag that can fit a lot of stuff.

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13. DIY woven felt coasters

DIY woven felt coaster with Gorilla Glue

Coasters are a quick, no-fuss DIY project you can easily do yourself. Sometimes all you need is a place to set your drink. These DIY coasters are made from woven felt and come in a set of four. They’re a simple project that looks great on the coffee table and feels high-end. They’re also easy to make, extremely sturdy, and durable for all seasons (summer and winter), making them great for home décor.

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14. Basketweave scarf knitting pattern

Free means basket weave scarf knitting pattern

This basketweave scarf knitting pattern is an easy-to-understand and fun way to use your hands and make something beautiful for yourself or as a gift. It’s a versatile pattern, too, so you can make it in any yarn weight you like! With a classic basketweave pattern in the center, it also has contrasting ribbing along the edges.

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15. How to Make a Men’s T-Shirt

Free tutorial for how to make a men's T-Shirt from scratch - click through for more - tutorial by The Crafty Gentleman

Learn how to make a men’s T-shirt with this easy step-by-step guide. These shirts are perfect for layering, and their simple design makes them easy to pair with your favorite jeans or shorts. Take a look at this simple sewing pattern for men’s t-shirts. You can make it as a gift or a way to avoid wearing other people’s secondhand shirts. It’s quick, easy, and fun.

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